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The great challenges we face–energy, food, medicine, the environment, etc.–will stretch the imagination and determination of entrepreneurs, government and society. The CAPROCK Group and a growing body of investors world-wide believe that an evolving form of capitalism–Impact Investing–will help develop and sustain solutions that would otherwise never see funding. For a variety of reasons–uncertain capital needs, unfamiliar terminology, the absence of clear metrics, etc.–investments that seek to generate both financial return as well as create environmental or social value, are perceived as more risky than conventional investments.

Unlike philanthropy or government, Impact Investing–the power of capital markets matched with the "invisible heart" of impact investors–has the combination of scale, incentive, flexibility and creativity to drive solutions for institutional and global-scale solutions. The organizing rubric for these solutions is "Impact Investing," and those who seek to harness the power of the markets to solve the world's overwhelming challenges are known as "Impact Investors."

The CAPROCK Group's approach to Impact Investing is unique in its ability to connect capital with those who seek it, while protecting those who hold it.

We reject the assumption that impact investments inherently yield lower rates of return to the investor. The CAPROCK Group's proprietary Impact process harnesses the tools of "conventional" financial analysis and portfolio construction and applies them to Impact Investing. The result is a portfolio that seeks impact across the full breadth of asset classes, rates of return which are competitive with conventional investments and, most importantly, a portfolio designed to achieve specific goals as established by each impact investor.

Moreover, the process allows our team of advisors to serve as invaluable intermediaries at the choke point that exists between those looking for impact-oriented investment opportunities and the legions of entrepreneurs and fund managers looking for investors. Our aim is to open that choke point in a manner that allows families to transition all, or part, of their portfolio from conventional investments to impact investments, and to do so in a way that protects their financial future while allowing for the expression of their values and mission.


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